Leonardo Novella 

Innovator, entrepreneur, and a creative product designer

Back in the summer of 2010, I started the life of an innovator when I, fortunately, received a scholarship from IED (Istituto Eurpeo di Design) in Rome. From Zurich, I moved to Rome and started a new life that changed my life.

Rome is known as the country of “dolce far niente”. But as I started my journey, I realized that reality is far from simply living a sweet life, as what movies portray. It was different. Being in the institute made me recognize this. The school institute prepared us for the difficult market circumstances. We were trained to find solutions, innovate and fund ourselves. It was a lesson of “Autoproduzione” (self-production)—to be self-efficient and go beyond every crisis as a self-employed designer.


















A challenge and an opportunity, I was part of the first experimental class that was allowed to attend to the new course in autumn of 2011 that was dedicated to the “Autoproduzione”.

The institution trained us to have no boundaries, but the practical work showed us the limits. Unconventionally educated by the institute, we learned from the industry and embodied their rules.

Our challenge was to scrutinize the limits and search for solutions to develop our own ideas. We developed and designed, then produced our own inventions by collaborating with local industrial partners. Because of this, I learned more than just ideating. I learned to assert myself and my visions with the local craftsmen in central and south Italy.


The strong economic crisis in Italy was a favorable starting position to build business relationships. At common meetups in workshops, good interpersonal relationships were created over time and collaborations were established. With this way, more complex problems were recognized and solved early in the process of invention.


At the beginning of my studies, I already went outside the box by appearing and establish relationships on these circles as a self-employed product designer and entrepreneur. From the very beginning, I knew my future will be about designing and developing new ideas that will solve technological and industrial problems. And because of “Arte di arrangiarsi” (the art to help oneself), from merely school projects, my inventions became ready products for the market.


Part of creating these projects is believing to them as solutions to someone’s problems, hence I invest my resources to make this a reality. For several years, I’ve been doing it. And, I will continue to do so—to be of service to create an advanced world.


Leonardo Novella, Owner of POVLAMPS

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DIGITEC Portrait


A micro-factory in the middle of the city

Everything starts in a small workshop. Located in the heart of Zurich, NDF is a micro-factory that offers space and equipment for product development. It is a combination of a normal workshop and a design studio, with a storage place for production pieces and acting as a laboratory for the development of new prototypes.

​The idea for the factory came from a businessman, who is both governed by his entrepreneurial thoughts and design sensibilities as a product designer. With the desire to produce and launch innovative products, NDF is born.

Now, it is a place where functional products are made, designed as easy, functional, durable, aesthetically and environmentally friendly.


NDF has the vision to combine ways of the established industry with the trend of self-production: “The designer becomes an entrepreneur and direct producer of his products.”


NDF provides solutions to problems on their own funds by constantly growing their expertise. 


NDF has existing partnerships with local small producers in Switzerland and in the EU that are continually strengthened and expanded.

NDF is a combination of: 


- an industry with the maker culture

- phantasy with technology

- aesthetics with functionality  

- the intuition and the madness of an artist with the professional competence of a constructer.

​Giesshübelstrasse 92 |  8045 Zürich
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