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7 Ways to Revamp Your Store Visuals with Good Lights

Visuals can captivate anyone. It plays a crucial role in how one will be perceived. Before taking you seriously, people will look at you first.

The same thing goes with your space of business. It holds all the trigger senses that will allure your customer into experiencing more from your space, including your product or service. Sight is the first thing they will use to determine if they want to be part of it. And, light is a tool that our sight will use to perceive things.

Science tells us that light determines how our sight perceives objects and how our brain forms them as images. Our ability to see is a result of a complex interaction between light, eyes, and brain. We are capable to see because of light. Light from an object moves space and reach our eyes, allowing our brain to form images. Light is like a messenger of information from our eyes to our brains. It sends signals to our brain to form the image or information, allowing us to decipher appearances and movements.

Without light, could you or I see? No. Without it, your store or space wouldn’t exist. That’s how important it is, for you and your store. Before, we have emphasized how important lighting is in visual merchandising. Exploring that idea and talking about how light acts a sight messenger to our brain, we have come up with ways how to use light for your benefit and help you improve your store visuals.

1. Tell a story

Use your store lights to tell a story. Think of your business space as a set of a story. As they walk into your space, you want them to be engaged and experience the story of your brand, whether you are a restaurant owner who wants to tell a story of relaxation, a bar with a fun tale to tell, or a boutique with a new identity to share.

So how you will use lights to do it? Think of lights as another element to your story. Depending on how you want to tell your story, use lights to highlight a part of your story—whether it is your product, a particular corner, or a decoration. Just remember how you will do it must contribute to your storytelling, a factor that will contribute to your customer’s experience.

2. Play with colors

Color is powerful. It has psychological effects on our brain, setting our moods and feelings. Light plays a significant role in how our brain deciphers colors that will eventually affect our moods.

Knowing how scientifically colors and lights interact to affect your brain, devise a plan that will showcase colors using light. Consider using contrasting colors to create balance, like mixing colors from different sides of the spectrum. Let’s say infusing a dark-toned light on your space that has white primary lighting. Or, use vibrant colors as your secondary lighting to add a sense of liveliness to your space.

3. Accent your focal point

An apparent function of light is its ability to direct our attention to certain spaces. And in visual merchandising, focal points are the most important spaces in a store. This is where your customer naturally focuses their point of view.

Light can create a focal point. Think of light as a bait for your customers to gravitate their gaze towards a specific space. We are naturally attracted to anything that has light. So make sure that, aside from props and signage, your focal point has an accent light that will make everything come together.

4. Highlight your products

One of the objectives of visual merchandising is to create a desire for the customer to look at your product and sell the merchandise. Play with their sense of sight and give them sensory pleasure by highlight your product, doing it with accent lights.

Let’s say you have a retail store, selling makeup. Good lighting is essential to bring out its vibrancy. Use accent lights that will not only highlight your products but will also improve its visual presentation, making the colors of the product pop, which will boost its attractiveness.

5. Dramatize your space

When you watch a play in a theater or look at a painting in a museum, shadows are used to create a certain mood. Using lights, you can do the same in your store.

Without the proper use of shadows, space will look plain. The same goes for a picture that has one dimension of color. Placing lights in the right spaces will help you to create a space that breathes a certain ambiance.

For restaurant or bar owners, this is more relevant. Part of the dining experience of a customer is how they will feel as they spend their time in your space. Setting the right mood with the play of lights and shadows will determine your success.

6. Modernize your lighting

As the worlds become more engaged in digital, infusing technology on your store visual becomes more of a necessity to be on-trend. And in visual merchandising, one of the ways how retailers keep with the trend is by investing in lights that have advanced technology display.

Usually, these innovations have to do with light effects. It brings a sense of modernity on the store’s overall display, making it more attractive and advanced looking. Adding innovative lights on your store visual creates an experimental look. It suggests that you, as a business owner, embraces the future.

7. Advertise with lights

Visual merchandising is a subtle art of advertising. You could emphasize its selling power by putting signage that uses lights. Because sometimes, simply adding a light above your products won’t do the trick, especially for those products with decreasing sales. When faced with this problem, think outside the box and look for a lighting fixture that can give both components—selling and beautification.

Check POVLAMP and know more about how you can improve your space with good lights.

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