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How to 3X your restaurant sales with 3D themes & lamp

With the increase in the number of restaurants & bars opening around the world, this business is turning out into the most competitive one. So, how do you make sure to stand out?

According to Donald Burns, the famous hospitality author of Your Restaurant Sucks said that "we are approaching a restaurant apocalypse in the coming years. Restaurants are opening at a faster rate than the market can support, and this over-saturation is a bubble that is going to burst."

However, innovative restaurant marketing & turning your place a more entertaining piece of art is the demanding solution to avoid failure.

If you need to avoid being part of a fail restaurant or bar statistic, you must become more interactive & concern towards your visitors.

This article is a tasty & healthy soup of innovative ideas that will cure your restaurant & bar from the coronavirus of failure.

Scary theme of restaurant in hanging 3D lamps
3D lamp effects of POVLAMP

Now before shooting out the ways of using holographic technology to boost the sales of your restaurant, I would like to give you a fair picture.

So, Imagine; You're in a bar, enjoying your weekend beer & you see a floating head of a scary woman is taking your order. And the bone-chilling sound of her laughter.

Spooky right? Well, you can do a lot more customization with a holographic lamp like POVLAMP.

Now, this is simply one of those ideas that we're going to share with you in this article.

Holographic lamp for increasing your restaurant sales –

Win Heart, Steal Attention – Grab the attention of your customers by surprising them with innovative holograms floating in mid-air. Win their hearts by revolving the theme around the interest of your customers.

3D lamp creating holographic illusion
Make them Lick Your Ice-Cream

Make them crazy with dancing ducks in the air, or terrify them with floating heads in the air. Show

them their special offer of happy hour, in mid-air.

Don't stop here, think unique, steal attention & win the heart of your customers.

Live Atmosphere –

Create a surprising environment every time your customer visits – make them happy, sad, or angry. Don't worry, in the end; they'll love it.

Bring life at your restaurant or bar, because when people feel more, they eat & drink more. Bring characters of your bar, cafe & restaurant to life with the help of 3D holographic display of POVLAMP.

To measure the limit of unlimited customization – join povlamp family now.

Excellent Guest Experience –

At this time of the century, people like an excellent guest experience. Even more than food & beverages. The guest experience starts with the entry door. Your brand story goes hand-in-hand with your offerings.

With the help of POVLAMP's holographic technology, you can take your game to another level. Holograms signage to 3D virtual hosts, wall decorations to 3D offer board. The customer will mesmerize with your fantastic brand experience.

Enhance Brand Communication –

Your theme speaks your brand.

Brand communication is very crucial to Millenials. You can't afford to lose their trust.

So, enhance your brand communication with 3D holographic lamps & talk to them at every step of your place. The individuals demand high-tech services with moving visual offers, and they want to control – give them the control of your brand & they'll love it.

3D hanging pendant lamps in a restaurant
Beautiful seating area in a restaurant with POVLAMP

Boost Customer Loyalty –

With POVLAMP, you can turn heads & stop passers-by, you can motivate them to come inside your bar, cafe or restaurant.

Let them experience mid-air floating menus & first-time on the earth experience. Your visitors will turn into your loyal customers & they start talking about your brand.

Loyal brand customers are the most precious brand advocates who bring more customers without spending extra pennies.

Theme ideas to use holographic POVLAMP in your restaurant/bar –

However, you can do multiple customizations with holographic POVLAMP – Here are a few unique theme ideas that will give you a fair clarity of this innovation.

Spooky Halloween Theme –

This theme is one of my favorites. You can turn your whole restaurant into a scary mental institution.

With the help of 3D POVLAMP, you can draw the attention of visitors with talking heads in front of your door. (Just like Harry Potter's movie.) They'll invite your visitors to visit inside.

And the next moment when they enter your restaurant and take the table.

Let the above light turn into a scary woman and ask them for the order. When they put an order, the lights turn into bloody red & scary music turn on. They'll pay the bill to the human skeleton.

This theme leads them with a scary experience of the spooky dark restaurant.

Check these spooky themed restaurants in us for some motivation.

Birthday Party Theme –

Another excellent theme is the 'Birthday Party' theme—Mickey & Donald in the air singing happy birthday songs. When the birthday party begins, every hanging POVLAMP start wishing them with stars & shine.

Moreover, different characters from the famous cartoon series appear in the hologram & wish them a Happy Birthday.

Lights turn into beautiful colors to show them happiness.

In the end, the feeling of firework in mid-air with the help of 3D holographic lamps will make the party a significant hit.

You can also look for Top Ten Tips for planning a party in a restaurant.

Singles Theme –

In the Singles Theme, Your customers can come, order a drink, sit calmly, and talk to the beautiful girl or a handsome man of their dream.

POVLAMP will turn into their partner with a smile & react with gestures while the singles are talking to them.

This will allow them to act purposefully and express their heart completely.

The ideas are millions & there is no limit to creating an enjoyable experience for your customers. Go holographic & change the perspective of your restaurant, bar, or cafe.

Summing Up –

Technology must shape the growth curve of your foodservice. To learn more about 3D holograms or to get early-bird discounts for the world's first holographic lamps – Visit us at

This is the next significant level marketing tool. Take them to your place & show some advance brand value to your visitors. With 3D technology, you will win the heart of your customers, make high sales conversions & grab loyal brand advocates.

Create a new mark with the tech of the future. It is coming soon at KICKSTARTER.

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