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Leonardo Novella

Owner&Inventor of POVLAMP

Leonardo Novella is full of innovative and creative pursuits. One of them is developing and launching POVLAMP — a unique lighting product specially designed for entertainment and advertising. Adding title on being an entrepreneur, innovator, and creative product designer.

Shashank Priyadarshi 

POVLAMP's Marketing innovator, Storyteller & Content Creator 

Shashank Priyadarshi is an innovative marketer. You can see his blogs in several publications like YourStory, Cofounderstown and ICICI SmallBiz. You can open your soul in front of him without hesitation. He talks about stories that build the brand. He is a storyteller by heart and a copywriter by the brain. Shashank believes the human presentation of a brand build relationships, relationships drives sales.


Jasmine Seale

Social Media Marketing & Content Creator for POVLAMP

Jasmine Seale is a content marketer and writer who worked in the publishing and retail industry. An old soul in love with literature, she sees everything as an opportunity for storytelling. If she's not working for Povlamp, you can find her on a beach, reading a book. 

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